Lexicon Coaching
My style of coaching offers you a collaborative, supportive, professional relationship and will have a positive impact both in your work and / or personal life. I am a proactive listener, an incisive and curious enquirer, a resourceful thinker and a facilitator of change.
I can help you expand your:
  • Confidence
  • Decision making
  • Motivation
  • Choices
  • Self-esteem
  • Mental resilience
  • Self-belief
  • Work performance
  • Communication
  • Inter personal skills
  • Self-awareness


Coaching styles and content are very diverse, so I offer you an initial consultation over the telephone to explore your aspirations and understanding of the coaching process. If you wish to continue, I offer competitive rates for one hour to two-hour sessions face to face or on the telephone.

Contact info

  •   07398 203453
  •  Offices in Rhayader, Mid Wales


Areas of focus

The focus is on you and your future potential:
You are considering a career change but not sure what.

You want to be promoted in your organisation but not sure how.

You have been made redundant and need motivation.

You are looking to return to work after time away but lack confidence.

You are seeking a fulfilling relationship yet are feeling stuck.

You are an empty nester looking for a new challenge.

You are wishing to fulfil your aspirations after retirement but need inspiration.

Food for thought

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Do you feel your life is passing you by?

Do you want to become your best self?

Would you like to experience life as you want?

Do you feel unfilled but don’t know why?

Are you looking to do something different or differently?

Are you seeking a better work life balance?

Are you experiencing a major life change?

Graduate college leavers

I can help you:

Focus on your studies and find fulfilling employment.

Manage your stress.

Balance your study and social calendar.

Explore your mental blocks.

Meet your deadlines.

Build and maintain your confidence.

Improve your interview techniques.

Refine your CV.



I have many years’ experience of working within the corporate world, particularly in the Lloyd’s of London insurance community.  Parallel to this career, I qualified as a life coach and therapist, setting up in private practice.
I also have extensive experience of career coaching graduates and college leavers, helping them navigate through the complicated field to fulfilled employment.

My interest in the coaching field grew from wishing to combine corporate knowledge with coaching and counselling skills having seen my own life's trials and tribulations unfold.


Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Coaching, Metanoia Institute, London
BSc in Integrative Psychotherapy, Middlesex University
Diploma in Counselling, Anglia Ruskin University

Contact info

  •   07398 203453
  •  Offices in: Rhayader, Aberystwyth and Craven Arms.


Send me a message and I'll be in touch to discuss how I can help you.


In my life, I am seeking enrichment before riches.  I believe all people are inherently good and are able to achieve their aspirations and dreams given the right tools.  I like to bring energy, enthusiasm, positivity and humour into everyday life and that my emotional and physical wellbeing is key to all of these.  I have myself attended therapy and coaching sessions, some of which have been pivotal and life changing. I am a keen dancer and I believe the coaching relationship is paralleled in the Argentine tango. It encompasses awareness, connection, trust, engagement, moving forward together and is considered to have long-term, positive influences on your overall well-being.


Sessions can be conducted in Rhayader, Aberystwyth and Craven Arms. Or by arrangement at your offices covering Mid Wales from Aberystwyth to the East to Craven Arms in the West and Newtown in the North and Builth Wells to the South.